A poem by "The Ironhorse Writer"

Wisdom of the Wind
The Ironhorse Writer

Early 1800’s
By the glow of an open fire
The old Indian spoke of life
Victories, death, desire

The young braves who had gathered
The warrior, creased with age
His life, a chapter finished
Albeit, save one page

He raised his head, contentedly smiled
Knew they could not ‘hear it’
Perhaps, with time, they’d come to know
The voice of the ‘whispering spirit’

‘My brothers, the Wolf and Eagle have known
As do the Buffalo and the Bear
For through the Wisdom of the Wind
Lies a path for all to share’

The captain stood tall upon the deck
Stared out into the sea
His first mate asked if all was well
‘Aye lad, no place I’d rather be’

Unkempt hair, steely eyes
Weathered from salt and sun
Measure not his worth for in his soul
A wealthier man there was none

‘She’ll caress ya like no other lad
Make ya regret ya ever sinned
But she’ll always educate ya
Such is the Wisdom of the Wind’

An ol Biker wrenched on his scoot
Grandson by his side
‘Papa, after you fix it
Will you take me for a ride?’

He glared upon the little face
Then gave a half assed grin
‘That, little man, is that I’d say
Lets take’er for a spin.’

The years blew by the boy learned well
Bout ‘switchbacks and ‘layin’ her down’
How you can tell if ‘she’ ain’t well
By her ‘feel’, by her sound

They rode out towards the ocean
The annual ‘Surf Side Run’
Set up camp ‘n sparked a fire
Graybeard and grandson

A couple beers a shot or two
A campfire by the sea
He glared upon the young mans face
‘Grandpa, why are you looking at me?’

‘Don’t mind this ‘ol Biker kid
It’s just in you I see
Someone I wished that I had been
A better kind, of me’

‘Taught you everything I know
Rest is up to you
A man falls short from time to time
A Biker keeps it true

He raised his head, contentedly smiled
A familiar, half assed grin
For this ‘old school Biker passed along
The Wisdom of the Wind

Copyright2000/2003LaurenceP.Scerri (The Ironhorse Writer) All Rights Reserved

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